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C. C. Cyprus Yachting's  Role for the Buyer

As professional brokers we always recommend that you have your desired purchase inspected by a marine surveyor, for your own peace of mind. It's a large investment and we want you to be sure it's the right one for you. We will normally ask for a holding deposit so we can take the boat off sale whilst you arrange for a survey, raise finance, etc. This is not compulsory, but we cannot hold the boat for you without it. This money and any final balance is handled through our Client Account, it doesn't go to us or to the vendor until you are ready to finalise the deal. Your deposit will be refunded in full if there is anything on the survey you are not happy with or that cannot be sorted out by re-negotiation. We will also raise formal contracts for you and the vendor to sign and an official bill of sale as your proof of purchase.

We cater for all types of boats, whether it's a sports boat, dinghy, commercial, motor boat or sailing yacht. And of course we can offer a new build from the Bavaria, Dufour or Absolute range. 

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C. C. Cyprus Yachting's  Role for the Seller

Determining a fair asking price - To ensure a timely sale, it is essential to ask a fair price. We can help establish fair-market value for the boat through access to actual sold boat data in www.soldboats.com, as reported by YachtWorld.com brokerage firms. Soldboats.com is not available to the public.

Preparing an Advertising Strategy - As a professional broker we will out line a plan of how a boat is to be advertised in the most appropriate media. For example, the best means to promote a 27' sail boat is vastly different than the strategy for a 63' motor boat. Our objective is to devise a strategy with the best chances of reaching the most interested and qualified audience for your boat.

Prepare the boat - We will advise of any improvements that should be made to compete within today's market, identify possible problems and solutions, and help organize upgrades & repairs. We may also help locate easy-access moorings/storage for the duration of the listing.

Professional Know-How - 
We understand the principals of the brokerage profession - such as certificates of ownership, security agreements, bills of sale and other documents needed to register and transfer titles to boats in Cyprus and overseas. We understand maritime and admiralty issues for the type of vessels we represent, as well as mortgaging and transferring title to documented vessels.  

Sea Trial and Survey -
The buyer will usually request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor. Buyers pay for the surveys and for hauling the boat out of the water for inspection. We will usually attend the sea trial and marine survey and help you determine how any discovered deficiencies should be addressed in the purchase negotiations.

The Art of Negotiating The Deal - We can use our position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion.

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Cyprus Yachting's staff are trained professionals who will represent you during the complicated transaction involved in purchasing a yacht.

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Cyprus Yachting works hard to facilitate the sale of your boat and to protect and promote your interests.

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